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Speed Blend Racing Fuel

"I've always ran the original O'Donnell racing fuel for 10+ years and never had issues, and was extremely reluctant to change such an integral part of my program. So after much research and calls to friends in the R/C industry, I took a leap of faith. Well my trust in O'Donnell paid off big time. Not only am I experiencing more runtime, I'm also getting a super crisp off idle punch that we all love. I've also noticed that it does provide better protection to the internal parts of the engine, at these crisp tune settings. All in all, I feel comfortable with the choice I've made in choosing to run O'Donnell Speed Blend. Good Luck."

- Mike B

"All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW, the new fuel is bad a$$! After a 10min main I had 1/3 of a tank left and if anyone seen me this weekend you know I am ON the throttle all the time. Everything I was told about the fuel before wasn't hype, it was the absolute truth and actually very modest. I leaned my motor on top 6 and 1/2 hours to get it up to 200deg. and 1 hour on bottom. After that I never touched my needles all weekend!"

"I can't say enough about the performance! I run the new OS Speed XZ and have been very pleased with it, after this weekend with the new fuel I LOVE it. The motor is SOOOOOOOO consistent on response off the corners no matter if you just came off a straight or after the slow infield section."

- Scott Shinn

"I got 10min 20sec on the old blend and just ran a fuel run today and got 14min 7sec. This is no BS. Like I said before, 1 quart and you will be sold."

- Scott Shinn

"I can do nothing but agree with what NGW (Scott) wrote above. During the 5 minute practice sessions I came off and checked my consumption and I consistently had just over 2/3 capacity of fuel remaining in my Losi buggy tank. My idle was very smooth. After a 10 minute main, I had about 1/3 left in the a 15 minute pit stop is doable. This is great fuel in my opinion."

- Kevin Tomsovic

"Wow, this new formula is a real "GAME CHANGER"!! I usually run my motors richer than most (I guess being in the boats for a lot of years with high nitro %) and was able to make just 1 pit stop in a 30 minute main. Once it came in the temp was 200 and I still had 1/8 of a tank left. I have a traditional OS V-spec (1/2 gallon on it), 7mm restrictor, and 2050 pipe. The odor is gone, crisp throttle response and it is finally a color so you can see it. I think this is the 1st major industry change since the 2.4ghz and AKA products. The original blend was great...this new (blend) is like Day and Night difference!!"

- Curtis Maglinger

"Got some of the 30% Speed Blend just in time to break in my new XZB and hit the track Saturday at Dixons RC Raceway in Hazard, Ky. Even running rich I still had over half a tank after the 5 min quals. In the 20min main I pitted at 8:30 as there was no need to risk it, my pit man said there was plenty left! I ended up winning the buggy main by a few laps running this wonderful fuel!"

- Brian Alderman

"I started with Nitrotane as it is what I have been using. Warmed the engine, ran a tank and at the end of the tank, I temped the engine it was 220. Engine was crisp, fast, just how I like it. So I finish the tank of fuel to get all the Nitrotane out."

"Next, I put my car on the box, filled it with the New O'Donnell Speed Blend, fired up my car on the box, it went EXTREMELY rich. I cleaned it out on the box but the engine was still rich. I took it off the box and put it on the ground, gave it gas and my car wouldn't move it was so rich. I was thinking to myself "are you kidding me?" I have never had this happen with ANY fuel going from Nitrotane. In all my fuel testing Nitrotane has been the best with power and runtime. My runtime with Nitrotane is around 13 minutes on most tracks. So I started leaning out the bottom end and top end. It took me 3-4 hours leaning the bottom and top end out to get the performance back. Engine was at 200 at this time, I could have leaned it out more but felt the power was already better than running Nitrotane."

"I feel it is cheating using this fuel. I know I will be able to get over 15 minutes of runtime which is something unheard of. I am completely amazed by this fuel and can't wait to run more of it!"

- Chad Phillips

"All I have to say is WOW, it's AWESOME! I was amazed at how well it ran...lower temperatures, more power, and more runtime. This is absolutely the best fuel I have ever run by far...I couldn't have asked for anything more out of it. I have to say that this new fuel is going to be a big hit and I can't wait to start running it all the time."

- Derek Guidry

"I ran the new fuel this weekend, all I can say is WOW! I ran 14min 27sec in practice with my MBX6T."

- Tracy Abshire

"I am just beginning testing, but have picked up 30% increase in runtime....equals 30% cost reduction too...I've been over-jumping jumps running 200deg with my OD SS21/OS2060. SUPER HAPPY!"

- Jason Grant

"I ran this fuel at CRCRC 2011 last weekend and my engine idled great, had very good throttle response and great fuel mileage! It also burns very clean with no build-up in the engine. Besides these great performance characteristics, the fuel is also colored orange, so you can see the fuel level in the tank, does not stink and does not sting your eyes!"

- Edwin Hartman

"After returning from CRCRC I had a chance to do more testing yesterday at Proving Grounds in Jenison, MI. Even though I am very heavy on the throttle, I was able to get close to 13 minutes of runtime with my OS .21 XZ-B. Testing with the old fuel I could not even get 10 minutes of runtime with the same engine on the same track! The difference between the two fuels is amazing! I have been running O'Donnell fuel for quite a while now and never had issues, but the completely new Speed Blend is a big step above it! Engine runs so much cleaner, throttle response is immediate, no residual build-up, just amazing! Thanks Hobbico! Excellent work!!"

- Edwin Hartman

"I ran the fuel at CRCRC . As soon as I filled my tank I had to lean the bottom 2 hrs and the top 6 hrs . This fuel is great. Great work Hobbico!"

- Cory Richardson

"Tried the new Speed Blend this weekend, and all I can say is WOW! I was running the old O'Donnell and after switching I gained an easy 2:30 min runtime and temps dropped 30deg. I'm running an Ofna JL engine with an RE10 pipe (not known for mileage) and was running 11:53 at 206deg. I think this new fuel is a keeper."

- David Osborne

"I was there and his pit man and can say that this is nothing but the truth. Seemed the car was making fuel. The JL engine never was easy on fuel but she was singing a note yesterday in Columbus. Very nice to see these type of results. I don't know who was in charge or came up with this blend, but they done right by it."

- Greg Bird

"This past weekend I was able to test head-to-head the O'Donnell Speed Blend and my trusty Byrons. I first ran the Byrons and my engine ran as it always did. Then I went straight to the O'Donnell Speed Blend my following tank after receiving a quart from golferdude1971. My car would hardly go down the pit lane. So I brought it in and had to literally lean my engine out quite a bit to get it to go like it was with the Byrons. Tells me one thing...Fuel Mileage. The following day I picked up my first new O'Donnell gallon in three years. I have been converted."

- Corey Hudson

"I have been breaking in a new OS motor and burning Speed Blend fuel the last two days. The fuel is amazing. The run time is stupid...I can almost go 11.30 if not longer. I have not timed it or even cranked down on my top end needle."

"The power was smooth yet crisp and I still can't get over the no burning of your eyes or making you want to gag while you're trying to turn the idle down on your motor."

"Oh...and it's just the perfect color too...not too dark, not too light so you can see it in your tank."

"The big thing I notice is that it still has that nice smoke trail that the old OD used to have and for me it made motor tuning so much easier."

"I have only quarts...I have opened 3 and I have ran all 3 and every quart has been the same every time you crack it open."

"The OD people have got the fuel right and it's a home run."

- Charles Garten

"Did some run testing last night with this (Speed Blend) fuel...improved idle and crisp response and in a cheap Dynamite motor. I got 10mins in a buggy and still had fuel left. Before with Byrons I was only getting 8mins with this motor and it would die. It's crazy how the power comes in as well. I'll be running this fuel for now on. I bet with my Nova Plus 4 race motor in I'll be getting 15mins in buggy...something that I thought was never capable of doing. Before with Byrons, I got 10mins 50sec with Nova. I can't wait to see what it will do now!"

- Daniel Wilson

"I raced the Cabin Fever Supercross race in Lewiston, Idaho last weekend. It would be the first time I used the O'Donnell Speed Blend. At first I was excited about the feedback I was hearing but also very skeptical. The run times racers were claiming seemed to be a little inflated. I figured the long run time claims were based off of the CRCRC, a smaller track with traction. The Cabin Fever was a large track and a little slick. This is what I found."

"This fuel is the real deal. The claims are true. I had amazing results."

"In my main I went buggy only took 60cc's of fuel!!!!"

"I used maybe 1 1/4 quarts all weekend including practice (one session was about 40 min.) 4 quals, 20 min main."

"Strong idle, great power, long run times!"

"I am stoked on this fuel."

- Jay Snider

"After running the original blend of O'Donnell fuel for all of last year I was worried about changing to a new formula. I had no issues with tuning last year and motors always ran awesome. I did notice I could only get 8 or 9 minutes compared to other people getting 10 plus, but I figured it was more of my heavy finger then anything. So after I received my new (Speed Blend) fuel I went to my local indoor race track and was amazed! My motor was sitting since last years final race and once she was primed it fired right up so I threw it on the track and was like 'wow, is this motor rich' so I brought it in for a quick tune. I went in a half turn top and bottom and went back out and it was better, so I ran a tank or two and temped it�motor was barely 200 degrees and it had good power so I leaned it some more and went out for my first qualifier. Motor was crisp and had killer top end. After my 5 minute run I had over a half tank and motor was only 220 degrees. I was sold from this point and will never switch back to any other fuel!"

- Mark Smyka

"Had a pretty good run up at The Factory this past weekend, they had the same layout but just reversed it from the Champs. I was on a 19 lap run in the 3rd qualifier right up until the last minute when my wing got turned sideways, wow that messed me up! I ended up in the B which was 10 mins, took no pit and motor came off at 200 with 1/4 inch of fuel in the bottom of the tank! "

- Brian Alderman

"Had to lean the top 1/2+ turns and about 2 hours on the bottom. Went from barely making 7:30 to now getting 8:45 with the new OD 20% fuel with Z01-B SG, OD SS.21, OD R2 pipe with long header, OD 97T plug, 7mm restrictor. Gave a quart to a racer running an Orion .21 and he had to lean his top a full turn (according to him). Justin says more power and smoother."

- Mike Cranford

"During my testing of the new O'Donnell Speed Blend fuel, I noticed a huge increase in fuel mileage and a sharp decline in engine temperature. As if this wasn't enough, engine tuning was excellent and the crisp throttle response was icing on the cake. Simply, the best fuel on the market today."

- Greg Bird
Manager, WV Hobbies and Crafts

"The new O'Donnell Speed Blend race fuel is awesome! You can instantly see a performance gain no matter what engine you run or how experienced you are. Easier to tune, longer run time, and now that the fuel has an orange color it is easier to determine fuel left in your tank. Speed Blend is perfect for anyone trying to get that last bit of power and run time out of their engine. Great product!"

- Adam Joiner

"I have been running the Speed Blend for a few months now in my OS XZ-B and have not noticed any excessive wear compared to any other fuel. Like Shinn said, the oil percentage is lower, but it's not the same oil. The fuel is completely new from the ground up with top quality as the primary goal and O'Donnell Racing Fuel has exceeded the goal they set out to achieve. The performance is excellent and consistent from batch to batch. Engine tuning is much easier and consistent. Less flame outs. Longer run-times. Lower engine temps. It's just great!" "Last Saturday I raced my MBX6T with a brand new XZ-B, which was still running rich because of the low time on the engine and I was able to pit at 10 minutes and still had fuel left! And I am not a fuel efficient driver to begin with! I am sure that when I put the actual race tune on the engine, I will be hitting 13 minutes!"

- Edwin Hartman

"I am new to nitro all together and I am on my 2nd gallon of speed blend 20% now. Tuning could not be easier. A buddy of mine is real stubborn and wont make the switch to OD speed blend, so while he is trying to tune his truggy to run right, i am running tank after tank having fun."

- Matt Sundin

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