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ODonnell Racing Fuel What Champions Run.
  O'Donnell Fuels are NOT recommended for Cox engines. Please use Cox Super Power Fuel for all Cox engines.

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Racing Fuel

Superior performance for sport and competition.

Specially blended for cars and trucks by one of the leading names in high-performance R/C engine tuning, the advantages of O'Donnell Racing Fuel® have made it a highly respected name in R/C competition.

Blended from the highest-grade methanol and nitromethane.

Delivers high thermal stability in racing engines with very exact tolerances – exclusive O'Donnellube™ synthetic oil package produces smooth idling and acceleration.

Reduces critical heat and internal engine wear.

Stock # Item Oil Type Oil % Price  
ODOP3320 20% Racing Quart synthetic 8
ODOP3325 25% Racing Quart synthetic 8
ODOP3330 30% Racing Quart synthetic 8
ODOP3220 20% Racing Gallon synthetic 8
ODOP3225 25% Racing Gallon synthetic 8
ODOP3230 30% Racing Gallon synthetic 8
ODOP3240 40% Racing Gallon synthetic 8

Speed Blend Racing Fuel

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