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O'Donnell Racing Fuel History

O'Donnell Racing Fuel was the first mass-produced model engine fuel to be developed and blended specifically for the rigorous requirements of competitive RC car racing. Created in 1992, O'Donnell Racing Fuel quickly became the most popular fuel for all forms of RC racing and remains the standard by which all other fuels are measured. This highly successful racing formula has achieved many National and Regional event titles over the years. Based on that success, O'Donnell Racing Fuel added the R2R blend that has become one of the more popular fuels for the casual RC car/truck enthusiast.

Over the years new blends for boats, airplanes, helis and monster trucks were added to the line to provide O'Donnell Racing Fuel quality and performance to those customers as well.

In 2011, O'Donnell Racing Fuel introduced a new formula using the latest in oil package ingredient technology. Developed through extensive lab analysis, experimentation, on-track testing and Team Driver evaluation, Speed Blend Racing Fuel is fast becoming the NEW STANDARD by which all others will be measured. This exciting new formula has proven to increase run times dramatically while improving idle smoothness, throttle response and top rpm. The quality of the oil components assures engine lubrication and durability. Our customers are calling Speed Blend a "game changer" in RC racing as its dramatic increase in run time allows you to stay on the track while your competitors stop and refuel.


We use only 99.9% pure nitromethane. Other companies may try to make you believe they are the only ones that use the "best" nitro, but the fact is that all fuel-grade nitromethane is very pure regardless of the source. Our nitromethane is guaranteed 99.9% pure and each batch is tested to assure its purity.

Every shipment of our methanol is also tested to assure 99.99% purity and is blanketed with nitrogen gas to eliminate moisture contamination. No one uses better quality methanol than O'Donnell Racing Fuel.

Oil Components
OK, let's be honest...nobody is going to tell you exactly what is in their oil package. The oil package is what makes each fuel unique and is the only part of the formula that is actually proprietary. So we're not going to tell you either. What we will tell you is that we do not compromise on the quality of our oils and/or additives regardless of cost. All of our ingredients have been carefully chosen to provide the best performing RC fuels money can buy. Period.

Oil Package Content

The percentage of oil package content is determined by the type of fuel and its application. Some fuel applications require more or less oil than others. The type and quality of the oils can also dictate how much oil is needed for a given fuel. Don't be fooled by the "more is better" claims that are sometimes made. That is simply not true. Each of the O'Donnell Racing Fuel oil packages has been carefully selected and tested to provide optimal performance and protection.

(See the individual fuel pages for oil package type and % content.)


O'Donnell Racing Fuel uses the absolute best in computerized equipment and processes to assure consistent blending from batch-to-batch and bottle-to-bottle. Each production batch goes through no less than three quality control checks to guarantee consistency. Bottling is done using state-of-the-art fill lines with computer-controlled label applicators, multiple fill heads and induction sealers (for quarts only). We have five filling lines all with multiple fill heads ranging from 4 to 12. No one has more production capacity or better equipment than O'Donnell Racing Fuel.

O'Donnell Racing Fuel is blended "on demand" so that there is no fuel sitting for months in drums or tanks waiting to be bottled. When the fuel arrives in our warehouse it is fresh...which means it is also fresh when our customers receive it.


Let's talk a minute about marketing hype...yes, we've been known to do our share of "hype" too...we admit it. However, we strive to be honest about our claims. If we say our fuel does something "better" than the competition, that's because we've tested it and proved it to be true. Of course, short of us coming to your track to personally show you, it is difficult to prove our claims. So our suggestion to you is to simply try our product. We are confident that you will be glad you did.

We've noticed that some RC fuel companies claim that their involvement in full scale racing somehow makes them more qualified to make model engine fuel. Really? For the life of us, we can't figure out how Top Fuel drag racing (mostly nitromethane with a touch of methanol) or circle track racing (straight methanol) has anything to do with RC fuels that are blended for high-revving 2-cycle engines that require an oil package. It's the oil package that makes RC fuels unique...something the full scale racers care nothing about. O'Donnell Racing Fuel concentrates on making only RC-specific fuels. We know RC fuels.

While we have also done our share of bragging up our race wins over the years, let's be honest about that as well. The top level RC racers can drive the wheels off a brick (if it had wheels) and they are mostly being paid to run a particular brand fuel. So that means it's going to work well for them regardless of the fuel's actual performance because they can drive. They are also going to tell you their brand is the best...of course they are...they're being paid to say that! We know...we've been in that game as well. What's really important is how well a fuel works for your your track...or flying field...or boat pond.
large storage tanks
Large storage tanks handle the various raw materials that make up O'Donnell Racing Fuels.

stainless steel totes
Fuel is blended in 300-gallon stainless steel totes to assure batch freshness, blanketed with nitrogen gas to eliminate moisture contamination, and then transferred to the fill lines.

Filling lines
All five filling lines are computer-controlled. Three of these lines are shown.

fill lines
State-of-the-art fill lines speed the bottling operation.

automatic labeling machine
High-speed automatic labeling machine assures accurate label application.

computer-controlled filler
12-head computer-controlled filler quickly and consistently fills our quart bottles. Other fill lines for gallons also use automatic multi-head machines.

computerized induction sealer
High-tech computerized induction sealer is the final stop for quarts prior to packaging and shipping.

Try O'Donnell Racing won't be disappointed!

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